A visit to Burch & Purchese!

In the midst of the busy streets of Toorak lies the delicate little dessert bar known as Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio. Owned by the renowned pastry chef Darren Purchese, it showcases extravagant and exquisite sweet creations that catches every eye.

Darren Purchese

Darren Purchese is widely known for his appearances on the hit reality tv show Masterchef. He is a celebrated pastry chef from England, now living in Australia. Having opened this business only in 2011, it has since become a huge success.

At first sight the shop presents a very retail like interior with the desserts displayed for all to see. The displays stretches to the kitchen, where the magic behind the masterpieces could be seen.

The walls were decorated with edible forms of art that exceeded the bounds of creativity. Opposite the array of desserts were commercialised and packaged sweet goods for customers to purchase.

My approach when picking the desserts was to first indulge myself in the sins of chocolate and then refresh my palette with something fruity. So for that reason I chose Chocolate, Caramel, Honeycomb, Popcorn and Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate, with a total cost of only $18.

These desserts were ideal as I was able to share them with my 3 other friends as we sat outside and revelled in the deliciousness that was Burch & Purchese. In that moment I felt like a kid. I felt a wave of childhood nostalgia as I took every bite, remembering the reason for my sweet addiction. Flavour was everything!

My visit to the sweet studio with friends was an overwhelming experience as we were able to personally meet with Darren Purchese himself. A moment that left me dumbfounded as he introduced himself and graced us with the opportunity to take a picture. All in all , it was an experience I will cherish.

Meeting Darren Purchese!



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