Food Fair, Food Fair, Food Everywhere!

Desserts fix any dilemma, except for when you have to make them!!!

The Food fair presented a challenge for me. I wanted to push myself and really impress. So I decided to make some Chocolate Eclairs, a classic french dessert.

The history of the éclair is shrouded in mystery. It is speculated to be the creation of famous pastry chef Marie-Antoine Carême. The name ‘éclair’ is the French word for ‘lightning’. Some think the name is because of the thick glossy glaze while others believe that the name is to do with the speed at which these pastries are consumed.

Marie Antoine Careme

Personally, my previous experience making chocolate eclairs did not produce a favourable pastry so this time I wanted to prove myself.

My anxiety culminated to a point where I was squatting in front of the oven, fingers crossed for a full 10 minutes, hoping for a perfectly risen pastry!!

This was in fact a very time consuming effort, spanning two days with the preparation of 3 separate components; the choux pastry, pastry cream and chocolate ganache. So finding the right recipe was crucial.

My most enjoyable aspect of this process was finally putting all 3 components together and assembling the eclairs.

After finishing, I was excited to try my creation and so were my family, especially my younger brother. It tasted the way I wanted and their response was very positive so I was hopeful for the same response at the food fair.

The Food fair offered an abundance of food spanning from sweet to savoury. It was a foodie’s dream. From what I gathered from the empty box, the eclairs were received well by those who ate them. I was very happy to know that they enjoyed my food because I certainly enjoyed theirs.




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