Mistake or masterpiece? You decide.

Italian desserts… let’s name a few…. Tiramisu, Cassata, Gelato and Biscotti. But what else?

In the realm of desserts, chocolate is the holy grail. While a cake is the quintessential sweet treat everyone learns to bake. Anyone that say otherwise is just kidding themselves.

Now if you put these words together, you get the mother of all combinations. Heaven on a plate. A chocolate cake.

But I don’t want to talk about any ordinary chocolate cake. I want to talk about the Torta Caprese. A rich and fudgy flourless chocolate cake that hails from the island of Capri.

Capri map
The island of Capri

The Torta Caprese is made out of butter, chocolate, almond flour, sugar and eggs, dusted with powdered sugar. Simple ingredients for a simply delicious cake.

Traditionally the Torta Caprese is served with a generous dusting of powered sugar paired with a scoop of vanilla gelato. Now for all the chocoholics out there, this cake can go one step further with chocolate ganache poured over the top. YUMMMM!!

The story behind its origins cast an interesting question of whether the cake was a mistake or a masterpiece.

There are several versions of its history. Two such versions include a woman making the cake got flustered and forgot to add flour, while another claims that a sous pastry chef working on no sleep mistook cocoa powder for flour. The last legend being of a baker who replaced the flour with almonds.

almond flour
Almond flour

Regardless of being a mistake, the introduction of the cake saw tourist interest rise and evidently it became a staple for the Island of Capri. In turn, its expansion soon followed to the other regions of Italy.

Now the Torta Caprese is heavily featured in many cafes and restaurants throughout Italy.

italian cafe
Cafe where Torta Caprese is served.



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