Food Fair, Food Fair, Food Everywhere!

Desserts fix any dilemma, except for when you have to make them!!! The Food fair presented a challenge for me. I wanted to push myself and really impress. So I decided to make some Chocolate Eclairs, a classic french dessert. The history of the éclair is shrouded in mystery. It is speculated to be the creation…

A visit to Burch & Purchese!

In the midst of the busy streets of Toorak lies the delicate little dessert bar known as Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio. Owned by the renowned pastry chef Darren Purchese, it showcases extravagant and exquisite sweet creations that catches every eye. Darren Purchese is widely known for his appearances on the hit reality tv show Masterchef….

Mistake or masterpiece? You decide.

Italian desserts… let’s name a few…. Tiramisu, Cassata, Gelato and Biscotti. But what else? In the realm of desserts, chocolate is the holy grail. While a cake is the quintessential sweet treat everyone learns to bake. Anyone that say otherwise is just kidding themselves. Now if you put these words together, you get the mother of…

Champagne biscuit or not….

The french are notorious for their elegant and sophisticated cuisine, but more specifically desserts. French desserts hold the standard to which any dessert is made. This pink, soft-centred, powdered sugar crusted biscuit does just that. It holds the standard. Made from simple ingredients such as eggs, flour, sugar, cornflour, baking powder, red food colouring, vanilla…

A sweet breakfast pastry to melt your heart!

  When people think of Spanish desserts, they immediately think of Churros. The fried sugary bites of goodness that’s sure to capture your eyes and stomach. But there is another pastry from Spain that stands out to me. Its name…..Ensaïmada. The sweet, doughy pastry that originates away from the mainland of Spain, the Balearic Islands….